Interlocking concrete blocks, T walls and Bollards

Interlocking concrete blocks

Barrett’s interlocking concrete blocks are extremely versatile. They can be used as retaining walls, bays for quarry materials or agricultural materials and security barricades for businesses. Where there is not enough room to shutter a concrete wall, these blocks provide a suitable alternative.

Our product is cost effective and simple to install using the lifting hook cast into the top of every block.


Interlocking Concrete Blocks

Length (mm) width (mm) height (mm) weight (kg)
Double 1400 700 700 1700
Single 700 700 700 850

T walls

Precast T walls offer a speedy alternative to traditional cast insitu walls. Ideal for creating storage and containment bays with a fraction of the work involved, and the option of re-configuring the layout at any time.

T Wall Dimensions

Length (mm) width (mm) height (mm) weight (kg)

Concrete safety barriers

Barrett’s precast concrete barriers include an interlocking and easy pick up system, which makes them fast and cost effective to use. Their heavy nature makes them ideal for providing security for flood protection, site security, edge protection and temporary works.

Concrete Safety Barrier

Length (mm) width (mm) height (mm) weight (kg)

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